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Customer Reviews & Stories

At D&S Autoworks, we have made the care of our auto repair customers our first and foremost priority. No matter what you drive, we want you to know there is a shop you can bring your car, where you will both enjoy the high quality, friendly service you deserve.

Disclaimer: i'm not receiving anything for this review. the opinion is mine based on all my experiences over the years with this business. for many years it was up to my dad to find a mechanic for his car. either that, or if able, he fixed it himself. we used to take our vehicles to a family members shop and all was good. then my cousin retired. a couple car issues later, my dad and i went from shop to shop. some were honest, some weren't. after my dad passed away it was up to me to find a mechanic for my car issues. unfortunately, i didn't pay attention to my dad as he worked on cars and i kick myself for that.

a relative recommended d&s on his social media page. this was about 6 years ago. that's how long danny has been my "go to" guy.

Honest, reliable, reasonably priced and i never hesitate to call him when needed. the day i change mechanics is the day d&s is no longer a business. hopefully, that's a long long time from now. more than once, he's fixed simple issues on my car either without charging me, or just charging me labor. try finding an honest mechanic that will do that nowadays. a recent issue we had was a power window that was not working. danny had already replaced the motor a year ago. i took it in and guess what? they replaced the motor for free because i was within the warranty. my receipt shows $0.00 owed. AND...a new 2 year warranty started on the replacement motor.

Save yourself the hassle and runaround. go with a family owned business with an honest owner and give D&S a call.

-Yelp Review

Everything is always clearly explained to me before the work is done. They even went so far as to take video of parts I would not be able to see after things get put back together. Jose at the front office is one of those guys everyone feels like they have known for years.

-Google Review

They offer great service that you can rely on. D&S is very trustworthy and I feel comfortable and safe when they do our work. Thanks D&S!

-Facebook Review

I had work done on my car here. Let's say my car was in need of major TLC. Jose was amazing, he kept me updated on all the repairs that were being done to my car. I have my car back and it runs way better than it had before I took it in. I would definitely go back to them in the future. Thank You D&S!!

-Yelp Review

First time needing repair on my truck in a long time. Decided to try D&S because of a neighbors recommendation and we like to try and keep our money local. They fixed a long time problem for me and my truck runs as good as when I got it. I think Danny's pricing is reasonable and Jose took good care of me. Nothing beats a good mechanic.

-Facebook Review

Danny and Jose do such a great job with my jeep every time. They go above and beyond to fix what I needed and extra if need be at a very reasonable price. They definitely know what they are doing here. Also very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. My husband now goes here as well as my sister. We love D&S auto works!

-Google Review

What can I say, I think you are the greatest. I've never found a auto shop that is as honest, friendly, fair etc. as you I'm just happy that Bill Stough and Merrie McWhorter recommended you. Plus I've also recommended you to any one who needs work done on their vehicles. I think Jose is pretty special too. Thank you all. Sandi Reed

-SureCritic Review

Friendly service, and knowledgeable workmanship – I mentioned I had squeaky brakes. They replaced them. I asked for an oil change, and they also ran a multi-point inspection to make sure everything is in good shape.

-SureCritic Review

Oil pump replacement – I don't trust anyone with our cars except Danny and his team. They are always honest and fair priced with work with all our vehicles (all 5 of them).

-SureCritic Review

D & S is the best!!! The work is thorough, trustworthy, and honest. I've been taking my vehicles to them for a few years now, and my car is always solid after a visit. Unlike other places I've been, I don't ever feel like I'm being scammed. I've never had to come back for the same problem twice, or have new issues come up right after my car was serviced. I always drive away with such a peace of mind knowing my car was serviced meticulously with care. As a bonus, the front desk guy is friendly, and the office is very clean and comfortable. Last time I was in they even had a little basket of toys, which my son enjoyed while I sipped on some fresh coffee as we waited for the car. I wouldn't take my car to anyone else!

-Jill C | Yelp Review

"This is the type of mechanic you want. Friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. Danny and his crew only have one way of doing things; the right way! Sure you could find cheaper, but his prices are very reasonable for the service you get"

-A Google User

I took my 2002 van in for a tune-up and as a result of changing the fuel filter at the fuel tank, the mechanic inadvertently broke the fuel pump. The service writer, Jose, showed me the damage, but quickly told me that the owner, Danny, had agreed that repairing the fuel pump was their responsibility, and that they would remove the fuel tank, install a new fuel pump, which cost in excess of $200.00. When I received my invoice, all of that work was listed at no charge. They truly are a service center that operates in an honest and professional manner. I would highly recommend this service center and will use them in the future.

-Norbert M. | Yelp Review

"The only Jeep Mechanic is Ventura County I trust….Bottom line."

-Ricardo Soto

Had been neglecting the check engine light for about 6 months and finally decided to try D&S since they are a local business. I was very pleased with the reception I got, the friendliness of the staff and the time they took to explain everything they found. I was given a detailed estimate of all services to be performed and the final bill came in right on target even though they had to drop my gas tank twice to perform some additional work. Not sure what happened with the one reviewer who said beware... I have only good things to say about Jose and about D&S. I'll be taking my GMC Envoy back for regular servicing!

-Google Review